Mistake Mentoring

The last couple of days I have been sharing the value of mentors.  There is a mentor that many never think of that is meant to teach us a great deal.  MISTAKES.  Mistakes can be our friend if we learn from them.  All things work together for the good, right?  Mistakes are inevitable in the life of every person.  If mistakes are a part of life then we must make the most of them.  We must learn. 

The sad truth about many people is that they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Walking down a path of heartache and disappointment.  Others, rarely own up to mistakes.  Thinking themselves as the only ones right.  In the end they stand alone because they are the only ones who think they are right.  Then there are those who will admit mistakes, and learn to take a different approach the next time.

What about you?  Do you learn from your mistakes and correct the problem?  Or do you keep falling into the same mistakes again and again?  Or are you the one who never makes mistakes?

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