Absentee Mentors

Yesterday I wrote about the value of mentors that are a presence in our life.  Those you can meet with on a regular basis to speak into your life.  There is, however, another type of mentor: the absentee mentor.  These are people who do not know you, but you know them.  Meaning people you admire and would like to learn from.  Again, a mentor isn’t always someone who thinks just like you think.  They are someone who have different thoughts but you can definitely learn from.

In my life, I have made the habit of surrounding myself with absentee mentors.  Many of them I have only read their books.  Others, I read their blogs everyday.  While yet others, I listen to their sermons.  Why?  To Learn!  To learn from their lives, perspectives, giftings and words.  Again, I do not agree with every bit of their theology, but there is alot of great things they share that I can learn.

What about you?  Do you read books that stretch you?  Do you watch others from a distance to see how they do things?  In our ministry roles we should be looking at how others do things, to see if their is something we can learn.  We must always be careful that we do not try to clone their ministry but rather pull ideas from a variety of ministries that will benefit ours.

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