Inauguration Day


Today is a momentous day in the history of America.  The first African American president will take office which speaks of America’s willingness to put race aside and elect the people’s choice.  Whether I agree with President Obama’s moral positions is beside the point today.  Today I pledge my support to pray for our new president.  Just as I prayed often for President Bush, so will it be for President Obama.  Instead of voicing my concerns often, I will pray about those concerns all the more.  As should every believer.  We are called to lift up our nation’s leaders and pray for their protection and wisdom.  God can change  the heart of anyone and He certainly can change a man’s moral stance.  Let us continue to pray for our president’s protection, wisdom, guidance and that his moral compass would lead to him to God and His Word.

Albert Mohler has written a great prayer to pray for President Obama.  You can check it out here.

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