I Hate Ebay

I have been trying to get Adam Clarke’s Commentary in book form for a long time.  It is my favorite commentary set but they are out of print.  I use the internet to read his commentaries now, but since I collect books I want them in book form.  The only place to get them is on Ebay.  You can find them here.

I was in an Ebay war today with someone else for a good set of Clarke’s Commentaries.  We went back and forth and in the end, I lost because he was willing to pay more than I was.  My blood pumps and the competitive juices flow in a bidding war.  My goal moved from getting the books, to making sure the other guy had to pay alot more for them:)  In the end, I lost and yet another bidder goes home with my prized set of commentaries.  On days like today, I wish Ebay was never invented:)

11 thoughts on “I Hate Ebay

    • This is the abridged version of Clarke’s commentary. Ralph Earle edited out the portions of Clarke’s Commentary that he did not agree with. It does not have the full notes that Clarke had. Thanks for checking!

  1. Ok, I’ll keep checking. When is your birthday? Maybe someone nice (like Judy) will give you this commentary for your birthday. 🙂

  2. I just love the way my money gets tossed around. I am nice to you all the time for FREE. Can’t
    buy my respect, But if Nancy finds it I may chip in a dollar. hehehe.

  3. Ok, tithe your money and send some to our church building fund. Also I sent an email to several people asking about this commentary. I told them to email you at the church office address which is on your church website.

  4. Ok wait till I start telling all your secrets on the internet. You will beg to come back to
    Nederland. At least I put in into the Bank accounts over seas. Thats why I want to go visit
    my relatives in Italy so bad. I have turned your name into the Mafia so watch your back.

    • I figured this would eventually happen. My blog would become hijacked by unappreciative readers and now I am threatened with the Guido’s of this world. I should have known better than to allow comments. Where is the freedom of speach anymore? And for your information, I have no secrets.

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