Will You Be Missed?

Robert Murray McCheyne said, “Live so as to be missed.”

If you  move to another place, will you be missed?  If you were to die, would you be missed?

Many people in life, live for themselves.  They live for their own pleasures or own gain, but when we live life only for ourselves, what do we leave behind?  As a child of God, we live for Christ, not ourselves.  Paul said, “For me to live is Christ…”  Is your life consumed by Christ?

We must live for others as well.  If we hold that charge well, we will be living for others and touching their lives, we certainly will be missed.  Our goal is to make disciples, to touch the needy and to minister to the hurting.  If we are doing those things, we will certainly be missed.  Again , “Live so as to be missed.”

One thought on “Will You Be Missed?

  1. I would hope I would be missed. There are people from a lot of different places I have
    been to or who have been around me and left that I still hear from after many years.
    People alway say thay miss you when they haven’t seen you or heard from you in a while.
    I believe most of them are sincere when they say that. I believe the Lord must miss us to
    when we don’t talk or visit Him on a regular basis. I think what a lonely life some people
    have because they don’t respond to helping other people, and doing things for others. It really fills your heart to help others, sometmes its just a smile instead of a grumpy face.

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