Winter Snow 1


We have been in Rogers for 3 months and haven’t seen much snow, until today.  I woke up this morning and looked out the window and it was coming down.  This morning was my first time to drive in snow.  I drove to Braum’s for milk and I made it back alive.  Hopefully it will keep snowing so Hannah can make a “no-man”.  As a matter of fact, yesterday she was wanting to see snow and Sonya and Hannah prayed for snow.  Hannah’s prayer was answered.  God listens to even the simplest of prayers. 

Big Foot Sight (Sorry, it was really Josh)
Big Foot Sighting (Sorry, it was really Josh)
Hannah Making A Snowball
Hannah Making A Snowball

100_1957100_19492100_1950Hannah And The Snow She Prayed For

2 thoughts on “Winter Snow 1

  1. Praise the Lord for an answer to prayer – snow! What a wonderful answer to a child’s prayers. Hope Hannah remembers how God answered her prayer and it builds her faith even more as she continues to learn to pray. We look forward to seeing pictures of all of you in the snow – and the snowman.

  2. It always amazes me the extent God goes to to answer prayer. Since I drive to work over 2
    very tall bridges, I pray for no rain, sleet, or snow. Yet in the same vain someone can pray
    for snow and get it. It doesn’t matter the fact that one is a child and one is a slightly
    older person. I don’t mind the cold, it feels good. But the snow is good for a weekend.
    Don’t let her have to much fun. And don’t you have to much fun throwing snowballs at her.

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