Lessons From An Extended Fast

We are on day eleven of our 21 day fast.  Since we are through the hardest part I have learned a few lessons about fasting, especially an extended fast.

  • The first 3 days are the hardest.  Our bodies are used to so much trash that we put into them.  When you take it away, it screams.  The headaches, hunger pains and withdrawals are tough because our body is used to them.  In so many ways we are addicted to food and caffiene.  If you can make it 3 days, you can make it! 
  • Disciplining the body is good!  I am finding that if I can discipline myself in what I eat, I can discipline myself in other areas.  The more I dedicate myself to not eat much, I find it easier to discipline my prayer life and study of His Word.
  • Sensing God’s direction is easier.  There is something about an extended fast that raises out spiritual perception.  Not during the first three days but in the middle of a fast, it seems easier to connect with the heart of God.  The longer you fast, the more awareness you have of God’s hand in your life.

These are just a few things I have been learning on this extended fast.  Keep it up and press closer toward Christ!

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