Sibling Rivalry

When we had children 12 years apart I thought we would escape the sibling rivalry.  I was naive!  It amazes me how much Josh and Hannah bicker between the two of them.  He irritates her, she irritates him.  I must say, however, that Hannah always seems to have the upper hand.

Last night, we were watching Snow White, one of Hannah’s favorite movies.  In one of the singing scenes, Dopey is playing the drums.  Without missing a beat, Hannah points at the TV and proclaims, “Josh is playing drums.”  I didn’t think Hannah could think of something like that at 2 years old.  I am nervous about how she will be as she gets older:)

Sibling Rivalries are nothing new.  They have been happening since Cain and Abel.  There was Joseph and his brothers.  Jacob and Esau.  Many more throughout the history of man.  This will never be changed until we get to Heaven.  Oh how sweet that will be!

3 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry

  1. I totally have to agree with Josh. Having been on the other end of abuse by certain people
    who because you and I are so nice, will remain nameless, I can symatize with your position.

    Just to show them, why don’t you learn to play the drums and they will be able to see the
    difference. You would make a fine drummer.

    I have seen you get the better hand of Hannah. I know she gets away with a lot. But not
    anything I taught her. I bet I know who had a hand in teaching a 2 year old something.
    Come on Josh stand up for your rights, after all you are taller than her. hehe. Move
    back down here with me and bring your cat with you.

    Love THE PEST

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