I Dance With You

img00012Last night all decked out in her princess dress, Hannah comes in the kitchen, grabs my hand and says, “I dance with you daddy!”  You talk about an invitation.  It has amazed me the love that a father can have for his child.  I love my children more than anything else in life.   When I heard those words, I dropped what I was doing and danced with Hannah.  What dad wouldn’t?  There is something in the heart of a child that longs for the love and affection of their father.  Hannah and I danced until I was tired (because she never gets tired).  It was a great joy to take her by the hands and spin her around, hop, jig and even dance like Barney, the big purple dinosaur.  Hannah enjoyed it immensely and so did I.

In the heart of every person is the need for the love and affection from our Heavenly Father.  He has captivated us by His love.  We must respond.  He invites us to dance with Him.  I have written it before, but the book of Zephaniah records that God dances over us with love.  His heart is longing for you…He desires your companionship.  God’s love for you is more than your mind can comprehend.

3 thoughts on “I Dance With You

  1. How precious, see how much I taught her. She is changing, Hope to see her soon. I wish I could
    pet the dog, hug Josh, Hannah and Sonya, and give you a hard time.

    Anytime a child does something with a parent is a memory that will last forever. Even though
    sometimes they slip away for a while, something in years to come will trigger it again.
    My 2 were telling me things over Christmas and brought a lot back. I suppose thats how it is with God, when one of his children return after a long disappearance. I guess he recalls memories of each one.

    • You did teach her well, Judy. Hannah is a pretty good dancer and if you taught her it makes me wonder what establishments you have been frequenting.

      Yes, memories are special. Having children 12 years apart has helped me to cherish the memories more. Much of Josh’s early childhood, I was too busy working and pastoring to pay much attention. Sadly I feel I did not pay enough attention to these things. I am correcting that now.

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