Happy New Year

presentation1Happy New Year To All!  A  new year means new possibilities and new beginnings.  It is like starting on a clean slate.  Many begin the year with resolutions.  Most people begin the year on a diet.  While yet others have made some decisions in life that will begin to be fulfilled in this new year.  Whatever the case, I think the turning of  the calendar is often a welcome sight.

May God richly bless your endeavors and we pray for a prosperous new year for you all. 

Last night after church, we went to a fellowship with some of our church family.  We had a great time!  But as our tradition is in the Cheney household, we like to sleep through the new year.  So, we left a little early got home and went to bed.  We were asleep before midnight. 

The difference between Rogers and Nederland is pretty large when it comes to the New Year.  Although it is illegal to set off fireworks in both places, Rogers actually observes the law (or should I say enforces it).  When we would sleep through the new year in Nederland, we always woke up at midnight because of all the fireworks and people yelling.  Last night, we didn’t hear a thing.  No fireworks, no gunshots, not a peep.  Besides the fact we didn’t know when it struck midnight, it was a nice uninterrupted snooze.  No matter how you celebrated, we hope your night was a good one.  Ours was, and we are all refreshed.  We are leaving for Oklahoma in just a little while to go see Sonya’s parents.  Have a great day!

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