Lazy Christmas

For the first time in a long time we didn’t go anywhere for Christmas.  We had a lot of invites to spend Christmas with the church family but we stayed home.  You might say it was a lazy Christmas.  Hannah took a late nap, so it prevented us from going anywhere in the late afternoon.  Therefore we just hung out around the house and enjoyed each other’s company.  We watched some old movies, ate, talked, napped (or at least Hannah and me did) and later went to look at Christmas lights.

I believe looking at Christmas lights with Hannah was the highlight of the evening.  She was our commentator as we drove around. 

Some of her favorite phrases (remember she is only 2 yrs old):

“Holy Moly”
“Holy Cow”
“That’s pretty cool”
“Lookie here, guys”
‘”C’mon let’s look at more lights”
“Oh, pretty”

Those were only some of the phrases but overall it was an enjoyable, lazy Christmas.  Hope all of you had a wonderful day also.

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