Christmas Eve 2008 Part 2

Christmas Eve Candlelight service was really good.  There is something about a service with the lights dim, candles lit with soft music and Scripture reading.  It really gives a great atmosphere.  We had an excellent crowd with alot of guests.

After service, we came home and let the kids open the rest of their presents.  It does my heart good to see my kids happy and receive gifts that they love.  I know Christmas is not about the presents but as parents we love to see our kids happy.

One thought on “Christmas Eve 2008 Part 2

  1. Our Heavenly Father likes to see His children happy too. We need to receive all that He has for us and thank Him for His many blessings. Have you read The Shack? You have to read it with an open mind and let the Holy Spirit minister to you as you read.

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