Josh’s Dog

Today we picked up Josh’s new dog, Sam.  He is a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie).  He is cute but still trying to get used to our family.  We had to drive to Nevada to get Sam.  Nevada, Missouri that is:)  Josh was really excited to finally get a dog.  Hannah likes him too, although she tells us his name is Dog, not Sam.  It is a nice addition to the Cheney household.  I am anxious to see how well Josh’s 2 year intense dog study pays off.  Especially when it comes to potty training (the dog not Hannah:).

Josh and Sam

Josh and Sam


Hannah and Sam

Hannah and Sam


4 thoughts on “Josh’s Dog

  1. Oh my how great to see a hint of a smile on Josh’s face. What a pretty little
    dog, even though I don’t care for dogs, I think I could like this one. I am
    with Hannah, just call him dog.

    Second best thing is maybe you found a new way to travel with Hannah. Put the
    dog in her car seat and Hannah in the kennel with the dvd player in front of

    Great Pictures. Merry Christmas to all, hope it is one of the best. There is
    still such a great giving Spirit down here. So many people doing so much for
    the Hurricane Ike victims. There really is a Spirit of love and giving, not
    just gift giving, necessity giving. Still nothing on my house, but things can
    still happen. At least I have a good excuse for not cleaning house!!!!!!

    • I had to buy Josh a dig to see a smile on his face in a picture. We have taken your advice on Hannah’s travels, thanks for the advice. I am sure you used it on Brian and Buddy.

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