Processing Ideas

As a leader, I try to grow and better myself.  In essence, I am trying to fix my flaws and yes, I do have some.  I have always been a thinker.  My brain rarely shuts off from thinking about things and ideas.  Sonya will often think I am mad at her because I am quiet.  But I am only thinking.  Ideas swirl in my head.  One of my flaws has been that I have alot of ideas but sometimes they do not come to pass because of the way I process them.

I am a computer geek!  Everything I do is by technology such as computer or on my Blackberry.  The problem here is I put my ideas into files on my computer and I never go back and look at them.  Hence, the demise of a good idea. 

Over the last couple of months I have been changing the way I process ideas.  Believe it or not, I am using the old fashioned method of pen and paper.  I bought a few Black and Red notebooks, which are hardback, and I write down my ideas, sermon thoughts, plans, vision and in-depth Bible studies.  I have a different notebook for different things, but my idea notebook I carry with me most of the time. 

This has helped me to be able to simply pick up the notebook and refer back to my ideas so that they do not get lost. I am seeing more of my ideas come to pass and I feel more organized than ever.  Who would have ever thought of using pen and paper?  The technology generation is good, but there are some benefits of reverting back to the old way.

Sermon Series Thought

Sermon Series Thought

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