Powerless by Ben Arment

Here is an interesting dialogue between Jesus and one of His disciples.  It was written by Ben Arment:

“J:  Listen, when you go into someone’s house, stay there until it’s time to leave. Don’t bring any food or clothes or anything. If the people don’t welcome you, then go outside the town and shake the dust off your feet.

P:  Well, we thought we’d just hand-out flyers. Put them on door knobs and all. Probably won’t even run into anyone. Figure we’ll knock it out in about three hours.

J:  What do you mean, flyers?

P:  You know, like, papyrus that says how you’re gonna be at the ‘gogue’ this weekend.

J:  But what about the power and authority I gave you?

P:  We used it on graphic design.

J:  On what?

P:  How ’bout a wheat buy-down?”

Are we building a church through marketing or the power of God?  When the power of God is absent, we have to rely more on marketing.  Just a thought!

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