Joys of Christmas

pc140024I am mostly a humbug when it comes to Christmas, but my greatest joy is giving gifts.  If you asked Hannah what she wanted from “Santa Claus” she would tell you, “I want a park in my backyard.”  Her eyes would light up and she would look out the back window for where she wants her park to be.

Last week, her dream became a reality.  My dad was in town and put together her swing set.  The joy of Christmas for me was to see her face shine when she saw her park for the first time.  She played while, listing of all of the things there are to do on her swingset.  She was elated to finally have a park in her backyard.

Josh, on the other hand, has been wanting a dog for two years but we didn’t have a fenced in yard in Nederland.  He was always discourage because we wouldn’t get him a dog.  In fact, he said when he dies he wanted us to put on his tombstone, “All a boy needs is a dog and a mother who will let him have one.”  Well, this year he has a mother who will let him have one.  We now have a fenced yard and we decided to buy him a dog.  He was shocked when we let him know and he has been a new kid since.  He even, cleaned his room without us asking.  Sonya said, “If that is all it took we would have bought him a dog a long time ago.”

This is my greatest joy at Christmas.  Giving.  I love to see the surprise and the happiness of others when they receive a gift.  When my kids are happy it makes me happy.  Overall, Christmas is about gifts.  God gave us a gift in His son Jesus.  It delights the heart of God when we receive that gift.  That is the purpose of Christmas!pc140028



8 thoughts on “Joys of Christmas

  1. Great pictures of Hannah, who has seemed to grow. But where is the picture of Josh and his dog. I bet he is one happy kid. He wanted his dog for a long time.
    Tell Hannah to quit growing.

    • She is growing and so is her vocabulary. She says some of the most intersting things. As for Josh and the pictures, we haven’t picked up his dog yet. I will post pics when I have them.

  2. What happened to Sonya’s head in the picture? I think Hannah needs a cat! Where’s a picture of Josh and his dog? That’s wonderful that he is getting a dog. He is a very nice Christian young man.

    • Sonya doesn’t like her picture taken so I had to focus the picture on Hannah. The last picture is Hannah showing off her muscles. Hannah does need a cat that we can perhaps use to feed the dog. We haven’t picked up the dog yet and we let Josh pick out the breed. Shetland Sheepdog “Sheltie”

  3. It is Christmas and cats were created by God who loves all his animals. Can we
    at least leave poor little kitties alone for 1 week.Why not pick on ugly smelly
    dogs for a change that are so silly they think they can catch a car. You are
    going to be sorry when the little cat that Hannah gets comes over to you and purrs
    in your hear and lays on your shoulder and sleeps and is so sweet when she lays
    down with the dog and they have so much fun. Think about it, amd ask forgiveness.

    Very Sincerely Your Pest

    • Okay apology accepted. Ihave honestly seen a dog catch Sonya’s car. The problem was he didn’t know what to do with it so he laid down in the street and died. I must admit that dogs can be pretty dumb but I have also seen alot of cats laying around on the road. At least dogs die chasing cars. Cats are so arrogant that they expect cars to stop for them.

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