This evening before church I was unloading the dishwasher and Hannah wanted to help:)  Well, she wasn’t wanting to help, she was just wanting to grab everything.  She would pull out the breakable glasses…I would tell her to “STOP”.  Next, she would try to climb on the dishwasher door, I would say, “DON’T”.  Then she would go for the steak knives.  “NO!”  It was an endless cycle of crying out, “Stop, Don’t, No!”  We went round and round until I was exasperated.  Flustered to the core!

As I was a frustrated, I thought of how God feels sometimes.  We are older than two year olds but yet it seems that we get into stuff all the time that we shouldn’t.  I can imagine God saying the same things to us. “Stop, wrong way.”  “Don’t do that!  It is not good for your soul.”  “No, that is off limits.”  How often does God get flustered with us because we keep doing “no-no’s”?  Into everything and going down the same paths that He always tells us we shouldn’t go?  Getting into things that we know is wrong.  Yet God continues to steer us, correct us and try to tighten the reins so that we will not fall away. 

God is a God of grace and mercy but I often wonder if He gets flustered by the way His children acts.

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