I love Panera Bread! Not just the sandwiches but the atmosphere. It is a great place to eat as well as to have coffee. Last week my dad, Josh and I went to Panera Bread for lunch and ordered a sandwich and chips.  As I often do, I like to read the back of packages and I noticed something that caught my eye on the bag of chips. THE EXPIRATION DATE. The expiration date read Jan 3009. Holy Preservatives! I have seen some long expiration times but never a thousand years. I began to read the list of preservatives but I did not see embalming fluid on there. I told Josh that if those chips last a thousand years, we may never die:) I want to have whatever can make a bag of chips last a thousand years.

There is a preservative, however, that lasts longer than a thousand years. It is Jesus Christ. Eternal Life through Him. Everything in this life fades away (even Panera Bread chips) but with Christ we are imperishable. We will live forever in Christ. We may leave this life through death but He guarantees us a special preservative in Heaven. Heaven is a place where we will never die and there are no expiration dates.

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