Working From Home

Every Thursday I work from my study at home.  I didn’t know how it would work out but I have grown to love it.  In an 8 hour day at home, I can get a great deal down.  Less distractions and it gives a change of scenery.  I wouldn’t work at home every day but one day a week gives a good break and I look forward to the day for planning and preparing for the future of our church. 

In my office at church, I notice so many things that I need to do.  At home, however, it seems on Thursdays my creativity rises and ideas flow.  Many leadership experts have said that it is good to change the scenery at least twice a month to allow for a different setting.  They say that this different setting gets you to thinking in a different way.  I am fortunate to have a study at home that I can go to. 

If you get in a rut and your creativity stops flowing, try a change of scenery.  Spend a day at the library or some other place that you can spend some time thinking and planning.  You will find that it benefits you and your ministry.

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