Snow Back Home

I was raised in Southeast Texas and I remember one time when I was around 12 that we had snow that stuck.  It was a dream for a kid to be able to play football in several inches of snow.  I lived there all my life and we had snow like that 1 time. 

I recently moved to the Ozark Mountains (Rogers, Arkansas) and we have been excited to make our first snow man.  As a matter of fact, Hannah woke up in the middle of the night a couple of days ago, crying to go out and make a snow man.  I ensured her that in a couple of days we would have some snow to build one.

We are in the mountains and guess who got the snow?  Where we just moved from, in the hot south.  Below are some pics from Southeast Texas and the snow they received.  I am a little jealous that they got the snow, but I have a hunch that it won’t be much longer until we get some.  Not to mention, I am sure that by winter’s end I will be tired of the snow and the cold.


2 thoughts on “Snow Back Home

  1. I wanted to call you at 2:00this morning when I saw it
    coming down. But someone called me when I went to the
    phone. I played outside until 3:30. Then when I went
    back in my phone rang off the wall, wanting to know where
    I had been at 2 in the morning. Oh well you know me. Then I got to stay home awhile because bridge was closed. I sure was pretty. Sorry you missed it.

  2. Pictures of our grandchildren in the snow at 11:00 PM last night in Lumberton should be to your inbox about now. Snow was beautiful especially when the sun shined across it. Snow’s about all gone except for a few roof tops.

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