Friday evening my parents came in for a week’s stay.  It was great to see them and we look forward to a good visit together.  There is a slight problem with the grandparents visiting though, we have been replaced.  Usually in the mornings Hannah wakes up calling for Danny, but now she wakes up asking for MiMi.  When I walk into the house, she no longer runs down the hall calling out Danny, in fact she no longer runs down the hall.  I have been replaced by her grandparents.

It is only day three now, but it seems that I no longer exist.  Sonya and I are not needed anymore because of these relatives that have come for a week’s stay.  I wonder now if Hannah loves me anymore.  One of the good things however, is when Hannah dirties her diaper she cries for MiMi to change it.  But let’s get back to my pity party.  Why is it that parents are so easily replaced by grandparents?  They give her what she wants and now I look like the bad guy.  Now, I am kicked to the curb and unwanted.  At least they are only staying a week:)

How often do we feel unwanted in our lives?  How often do we feel cast away or that no one cares about us?  I am jesting about Hannah and her grandparents but there are many people who actually experience rejection and hurt.  There are a great deal of people who have felt like outcasts and feel unloved.  It is hard to find joy and peace when you feel these ways, but there is a God who loves the out casts and loves the unloved.  No matter what heartaches you find in this world, you can count on a God who knows where you are and knows you by name.  Next time you feel unwanted, remember that God wanted you, that is why He created you.  You will never be replaced, you are the apple of His eye.

4 thoughts on “Replaced

  1. I am so glad they made it to visit. I have been worried about Hannah. Put yourself in her place after leaving me, I mean leaving here,and she did not know anybody. But now at lease she knows they still exist for real.
    I am glad that if we move or are seperated from loved ones God still knows where we are and goes with us.
    Love to every one. Your pest.

  2. If this patterns proves as ours did you will have another major loss. I recall when my daughter (Shawn) started to a co-op preschool in San Francisco I totally lost my identity. I was not Bill or Mr. Streepy. I was now known as Shawn’s dad. Everyone addressed you in that manner and referred to you as the same. It was very strange at first until we learned to adapt. Hang in there. Bill Streepy

  3. Wait until Hannah goes to her first day of school, then on her first date. Can you imagine her wedding day? Oh my, what fun we have raising children, plus a great responsibility to share Jesus with each of them.

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