One thing I love about the local church is that it is largely made effective through the work of volunteers.  Those who volunteer, sacrifice their time and energy to communicate the love of Jesus Christ.  It makes a pastor feel good when he can count on the leaders that serve under him and minister to the church body.

Last night, was a our first department head meeting at RFA.  We had a good turnout as we shared the vision of the church as well as leadership expectations.  Being a leader is a high calling.  We have been set apart by God to serve His kingdom and to do that, we must seek to excel in all that we do.  At the meeting I shared what I believe are some critical things that every leader must exemplify.  I cannot remember where I found these principles but they have proven to hold alot of truth.

A Leader Must Have Commitment
A Leader Must Have Consistency
A Leader Must Be Coachable
A Leader Must Be Classy (or Minister With Quality)
A Leader Must Model Character

Every leader should endeavor to have these qualities in their life.  I am excited about the future of RFA.  We have a great leadership team to build with.  The future looks bright.

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