Double Standard?

bible-zondervanI’m a little bothered today after my afternoon trip to Lifeway Bookstores.  I was in the market for 3 bibles for some of our students who have been chosen for a leadership council.  As I shopped through the Bible section for a good deal I was shocked when I found what I would call an industry double standard.  A Bible published by Zondervan Press that is made in China.  Now I know everything is made in China these days so why should I be shocked?  This to me is the ultimate paradox.  We pray for the persecuted around the world and then one of the largest Christian publishing houses in America outsources their Bible manufacturing to one the largest persecuting nations in the world.  It is pretty well illegal to own a Bible in China, but that is where American companies are having them made.

In recent news we found a Chinese pastor who was sentenced to re-education camp because he is a house church pastor.  For those of you that do not know, re-education means labor and torture until they recant their profession of Christianity.  Publishing Bibles in China is the ultimate in double-standards that rewards the Chinese government for persecution while helping an American company save a few bucks.  All I ask Zondervan is, “Is it worth it to save money?”

Thanks for letting me vent.  I had a hard time deciding whether to buy those Bibles or not but I almost had to considering they were the only ones that met the criteria I was looking for.  For shame, a few more dollars in the  hands of the Communist persecutors.  Please pray for the persecuted around the world.  Also pray for the Bible publishers to find another way to publish their Bibles.

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