Smelly Boys

We had a great time for Thanksgiving with Sonya’s family.  Two of her brothers and their families were there with their kids.  Hannah had a great time playing with all our nieces and nephews (6 of them were there).  She ran around and played and wore herself out.  She was playing with two of our nieces and one of our nephews when she ran up to me and said, “Boys are smelly!”  I replied, “you better believe it!”

That was music to my ears, “Boys are smelly!”  I am trying to put that in her head until she is out of high school.  When she finally gets old enough to date (25 yrs old), I will begin telling her that boys aren’t all that bad.  Hannah is only two but I get pretty nerved up thinking about her dating.  I am saving my money for a lie detector and an elephant gun so I will be prepared when her dates come over.  I will also be buying a nice 4 door so all of us will be comfortable on our double dates.  In case you are wondering, if they ask Hannah out, they are asking me out:)  So for the time being, I am brainwashing her that boys are smelly.

3 thoughts on “Smelly Boys

  1. Paybacks are hard to take. You remember your own ways. HAHA But when she’s five and says “Daddy I
    have a boy friend” I would like to see your face.

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