Thanksgiving Service

Last night, I had the privilege to share with a Spanish congregation in Rogers.  Pastor Armando is a new friend and he invited me to share what Thanksgiving means to me.  I had a wonderful time last night in the service and during the fellowship dinner that followed.

It was my first time to preach with an interpreter and I never knew it could be so tough.  When I preach my brain moves as fast as I speak.  Those of you that know me understand that my lips move fast and that means my brain moves fast.  Now, I have preached where my lips moved faster than my brain and I got in trouble:)  So, as I would share a line of my message, Pastor Armando would interpret.  It was tough to keep my train of thought.  The people were responsive, however, and they all made me feel welcome.

It was interesting as an American going through a whole service that was primarily Spanish speaking.  I was trying to remember my two years of Spanish class to pick up tidbits of what was being said.  The fact of the matter was that whether I understood Spanish or not, we are of one body, the body of Christ.  Just being among the brethren was awesome.  Regardless of language barriers, we are born of the same Spirit and you could sense the presence of God in the service, even if I couldn’t understand everything being said.

Last night, challenged me to be more mindful of the opportunity for missions here at home.  Represented in Pastor Armando’s congregation are people from Mexico, Central and South America.  He is a missionary in his own right to a dozen nations right here in Rogers.  God is tremendously blessing this ministry and you can tell He is at work.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Service

  1. I love Pastor Armando!!
    We used to do a Missions Conventions every year with their church and other AG churches in the area.
    Missionaries would come from all over the world during this convention and let us know how God is at work in other countries.
    It is an awesome feeling knowing that no matter your language or where you live- we all serve God. We all are brothers and sisters in Christ.
    **We would have ethnic food during this too- it was pretty awesome as well =]

  2. OH…awesome! Another fan of Pastor Armando, signing in. They have been wonderful friends to our family throughout the years, and isn’t it amazing what God is doing there on 2nd street? I would love to be part of the convention again.

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