Evangelism Strategy

I had lunch today with one of the Chi Alpha missionaries at the University of Arkansas.  Tim was a sharp guy that has a passion for college students.  He is responsible for taking care of the international students at U of A.  It is amazing the opportunity for ministry on a college campus.  On any college campus there are around 100 nations represented.  These are students who will take their education back to their home country and become that nation’s leaders.  What an opportunity to shape the nations by reaching them on an American University Campus.

Tim shared with me a strategy that is used on the campus that I think can be used by any believer no matter where they are.  It is perfect for the marketplace as well as our neighborhoods.  Tim shared with me the four B’s:

1.  Befriend – Befriend someone and spend time with them.  Just be friends.  Not just be there to preach to them but first let them know you genuinely care about them personally.

2.  Belong – Invite them to belong to you and your life.  This is a good place to invite them to a church function or to be with a small group of like-minded believers.  Also to see how you live life.

3.  Behavior – This is where they begin to see the difference in your life and notice something that they might want.  It is the place where you have consistently lived a Christ-like life and they know you strive to be different in a good way.

4.  Believe – After you befriend them and invite them to belong, they have had time to witness your behavior.  Now that they see a difference, they are ready to know what you believe.  The door begins to open to share Christ and His grace for your new friend.

Look into your life and see where you can use the 4 B’s.  Too many people begin by trying to make people believe before they are willing to befriend them.  Befriend with the purpose to get them to believe.

One thought on “Evangelism Strategy

  1. Hey, I’m glad you brought this up. I need to get with you on this. For many years, we have provided food for at least one Free Food Friday during the year, for Chi Alpha. The WM dept usually handled it. I’ll shoot you an email.

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