Unwritten Dreams

Everybody has dreams in life and some of those dreams we carry secretly for many years.  There are some dreams that I have had for many years that very few people know.  In fact, most of these things only Sonya knows.  Recently I was reading about our dreams in life and the author stated that in order to see our dreams fulfilled we must learn to vocalize them.  The author’s premise was to share our dreams in case someone wants to partner with you in those dreams.

Here are several of the dreams that I have carried for many years:

1.  To publish a book through a good book publisher.  (I have held this dream since I was a child). 

2.  To have a radio program.  Not just a preaching program but also a morning drive devotional.  A two minute devotional that inspires others for the day.  It will be called “Thoughts For The Journey”.

3.  To begin a network of churches.  To be a mother church and send out church planters in the surrounding communities to plant a church.

4.  To preach a major conference and share things that God has laid on my heart for His church.

5.  To raise up young people to mentor them into full-time ministry.

These are some of my unwritten dreams that one day I pray will come to pass.

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