Missing Pieces

The other night I purchased a small computer desk for my office.  It was a nice desk at an affordable price.  I unpacked the box, read the instructions (which I normally do not do) and laid out all my tools.  I was now ready for the assembly of the desk.

I began with the side parts and installed the drawer hardware.  I then placed the brackets on the top portion of the desk and was ready to attach piece “E”.  I looked for piece “E” which was no where to be found.  I looked in the box, out of the box, around the house (just in case Hannah ran off with it).  Piece “E” was permanently missing.  The box was brand new, never opened, but the factory failed to put in piece “E”.  I called the store and was required to disassemble the desk and repackage it so they could give me a new one.  I took it apart went to the store and got a new box with all the pieces in it.

When I picked up that first box at the store, you could not tell anything was missing.  The box looked good but piece “E” was missing.  This is like alot of lives.  Everything on the outside looks good but something is missing.  Before I came to Christ, I loved life.  I knew how to have a good time.  On the outside everything was great, but when I laid my head on the pillow at night, I felt like something was missing.  There was a void in my life.  In 1991, I realized that the missing piece was Jesus.  I gave my heart to Christ and He gave me the missing piece “E”.  Eternity.  Eternal Life with Him.

But the truth is I had to disassemble the sin in my life and trade it in for His grace and forgiveness.  It was the best trade-in I could ever make.  If your life is missing something, do not look any further.  Jesus is the missing link.

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