Coaching In North Little Rock

Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend a church coaching session with Pastor Rod Loy of First Assembly in North Little Rock.  Under his leadership North Little Rock has seen amazing things.  They are incredible givers to missions, active in church planting world-wide as well as making an impact on Little Rock, Arkansas.

He shared principles with the pastors that could work in any size church.  I am thankful for opportunities to learn from guys who are doing great things for the kingdom of God.  I value insight that successful pastors have.

Some of the great quotes from the coaching sessions:

“We are rewarded according to our labor, not our results.”

About Conflict

“You can’t let others actions determine your reaction.”

“If you lose your temper, you lose”

“When you’ve got them down, let them up.”


“Bite-size the offerings.  Break it down to a sum that everyone can give.  A small bite for all, a big bite for those who can.”

Thanks Pastor Rod for spending the day with us.

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