Happy Anniversary Sonya!

ccf06062008_00004God has granted me 17 years with the most amazing woman on earth.  Today Sonya and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary.  Through the good times and bad we have relied on our love for each other and seen things through.

Sonya has been a tremendous help to me in our family and ministry.  She is an extremely gifted woman who displays God’s love and grace.  I am thankful that God allowed us to spend these 17 years together and I look forward to the next 60 years together.

I love you, Smoopsy Poo!

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Sonya!

  1. WOW!! Sonya really doesn’t look that much different to me. Pastor Danny has hair that reminds me of Zach from “Saved By the Bell”.
    You really don’t call her “smoopsy poo” do you?

    Congrats on 17!!

  2. Cheneys, aka Smoopsy Poo to Sonya – that’s special
    Happy Anniversary
    Enjoy each day with each other. Soon you’ll be married 40 years and be amazed how fast time passed you by. We’ll be married 43 years in April.
    Can you imagine eternity!

  3. Congratulations, I really feel for Sonja for 17 years, I have only known you 5 or 6 and know that Sonja, Josh, and my little Hannah are all angels. I hope there are many, many more years and that you straighten up and fly right. Love ya;ll and miss Josh and Hannah.


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