Book Review: The Greatest Words Ever Spoken

I recently received a copy of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, by Steven K. Scott the-greatest-wordsand what a resource.  First, I must say that this is a must have book for every preacher of the gospel.  It is similar to the lay out of the Bible Promise books or Nave’s Topical Bible.  Scott breaks down the teachings and sayings of Jesus and puts them into topics.  The author did an outstanding job piecing these words together and developing an easy to find system for what you are looking for.

I cannot think of anything greater than the words of Jesus.  For any student of the Word, the Greatest Words Ever Spoken, is a resource that will help you dig more in depth into the teachings of Jesus.  The book breaks down over 1900 statements of Jesus  and puts them into 200 categories.  The reader can pick a topic and spend days studying more in depth.

I would highly recommend The Greatest Words Ever Spoken  to every pastor.  It is an awesome tool, especially for those who preach sermon series.  Also this is a necessary book for every Sunday School teacher or dedicated student of the Word.

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