Book Review: Me, Myself and I AM

me-myself-and-i-am This an interesting type of book to say the least.  Most books are the written thoughts of the author.  Me, Myself and I Am, however, is different. This short hardback is a collection of questions for you to search inside and see what you are made of.  My first impression of this book is the author drawing the reader into writing an autobiography.

The questions are piercing.  They search the heart and it’s inadequacies, while yet piecing through the history of the reader’s life.  At times the reader feels stumped trying to recollect portion’s of one’s life, but in the end, you have a better understanding of what you are made of.  Me, Myself and I Am is a creative way to dig to the core of one’s life and let the I Am do a work. 

By the end of the book, the reader has a good understanding of their strengths, gifts and weaknesses.  They will also realize their weaknesses, hurts and shortcomings, all of which they can release to God and find freedom in these areas.

I enjoyed looking through these questions and searching my heart and life.  There is a disclaimer though, I have always enjoyed these types of exercises.  If you are not one to like to write or answer questions, this book is not for you.  If you enjoy evaluating your life and thinking through your history and answering questions, you will love Me, Myself and I Am.

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