Moving Chore

Since we have moved, we have noticed how much there is to do after we unloaded our last box.  It is not just unloading the truck and the boxes and we are done.  Now comes the business part of it.  You have to change bank accounts, change your address with all those you know and don’t know, change your insurance and driver’s license and the list goes on.  The easy part is moving.  It is the business aspect that consumes time and energy.  It is alot of work.

There is a move all of us are going to make that is going to be the easiest move ever made.  The move to Heaven.  There will be no chore to changing our address to 101 River of Life Lane.  There will  be no hassle changing to the bank of Heaven, they already have all of your info on file (Book of Life).  You will not need to change your ID, because our identication will be written on us and God does the writing.  This kind of move sounds good to me.  There will be no getting readjusted or learning new faces.  Who has to readjust to the perfect place? It will only be natural!

Heaven is a real place.  We must make sure that we are ready to go there and the only way to go there is through Jesus Christ.  Accept Christ’s love for you today!

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