The Day Off

It has been a busy few weeks while we have been in the process of moving.  So, today we took some time off to go sight seeing.  We decided about 3:00 to drive out to Eureka Springs.  It is about 30 miles from Rogers but takes about an hour to get there.

The exciting part about the drive was the winding roads through the mountains.  It is my nature to drive like a NASCAR driver, but I must admit I slowed down on Highway 62.  For a city boy, who has always lived in the flatlands, the sheer drop-off next to the road was a tad intimidating.  We made it to Eureka Springs and went to the Passion Play complex.  We didn’t see the Passion Play but we did get out to see the impressive statue of Jesus.  It towers high and is seen all around the mountain area.

Hannah looked up and said, “Look, Jesus!”.  As we stood looking up at the statue, I felt so small compared to this majestic artwork.  I couldn’t hep but think of how it will be in Heaven, gazing upon Jesus in His glory. 

After we left the Passion Play Complex we looked for a good restaurant.  We decided to eat at the Rowdy Beaver.  That’s right the Rowdy Beaver.  It was great, although the only rowdy beaver in the place was Hannah:)  I must say that I had the best hamburger I have ever eaten.  Homemade Angus Patties, grilled onions and mushrooms, homemade hand-cut fries.  It was a beautiful experience.

Altogether it was a great day off with the family.

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