Church Today

Today was our second Sunday as pastor in Rogers.  We are still getting acclimated to the community, the church and ministry here.  It is interesting going to a new place.  It always stretches us and removes us from our comfort zone.  I believe that is what God wants in our lives, otherwise we will get comfortable and possibly stagnant.

I have been praying for direction for RFA.  Where do we go from here?  I shared this morning what the goal of our church must be: moving people into maturity in their walk with Christ.  The church is REQUIRED to disciple others.  This will be our focus in the years to come.  How are we going to do it?  I am not sure yet, I am seeking the Lord for His wisdom concerning how to build ministries that build people.

We had a good service this morning.  There was a great atmosphere during worship.  Our worship team did a fine job.  I shared from my heart this morning about the role of the pastor and the ministry of the church.  We had a good altar service with many coming forward for healing. We also had one young man rededicate his life to Jesus.  That is what is all about!

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