Today, I had the privilege to vote!  Yes, I said privilege!  We live in a nation where we are allowed to pick our leaders.  Many say one vote does not count, but every vote does count.  It is our duty as Americans.  It is our responsibility as Christians to vote for the leaders of this nation.  For many years I have heard people complain about our country, but yet they have never voted in any election.  If you do not vote you have no right to complain. 

This article today is from the heart and mind of Danny Cheney.  I have never been this candid about an election.  I cannot say how I would vote from the pulpit because they say it is “illegal”, however, I am allowed to say it personally.  This is my personal blog!  It has no bearing on how anyone in my congregation feels.  These are my opinions, so here goes.

I voted Republican: MacCain/Palin.  No, I did not vote for Obama.  At the onset, let me say that I think Obama is an incredible motivator/communicator.  He is highly intelligent and could no doubt be a leader.  He is already a leader, but as a Christian I could not vote for Obama.  1.  He is for abortion.  He is a supporter of partial birth abortion which is especially inhumane.  I cannot vote for someone who supports these things.  2.  He is liberal.  He votes for the most liberal and immoral of causes.  3.  Obama is not a proven leader in foreign affairs.  Our nation is in serious condition.  McCain is not the perfect candidate by any means.  However, in this unstable world we live in, I believe we need a strong leader.  McCain will stand against terrorism and the threats that face our nation.  I have a hard time thinking about Obama actually believing we can negotiate with terrorists.  4.  Obama is inconsistent.  He wavers to much in what he stands for.  He is a gifted orator but is also a crowd pleaser.  We do not need a gifted communicator for a president (because McCain is not a gifted speaker)  but rather need someone who stands by their convictions and leads the nation.

Finally, if Obama wins the election, he will be my president.  I will uphold him in prayer and intercede for him as I did George Bush and Bill Clinton.  He will have my respect and I will not bash him, even if I do not agree with him.  I will pray for God to touch him and give him wisdom to lead our nation.  I would pray for him and respect him the same I would McCain. Why? Because God ultimately appoints our leaders.  The Bible says, “The heart of the king is in the Lord’s hands”.  We must pray that God would guide whoever leads our nation.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat we must value each others opinions and spend time praying for our nation and its leaders.  God bless America!

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