Letting God Take Care of Business

I am always amazed at God when he doesn’t follow my instructions.  There is the old song, “I thank God for unanswered prayers” and there is alot of truth in that. 

This week we have been moving our last load from Nederland.  I had reserved a 17 foot U-Haul thinking it would be plenty of room for the rest of our belongings.  U-Haul called me to inform me that they did not have a 17 foot, only a 26 foot.  I was frustrated because I do not like driving that big of a truck especially while pulling my car.  Every time, I would wake up Monday night, I prayer for God to let them get a 17 foot truck by morning.  I interceded for this.  I even got frustrated because it didn’t seem like things were “going my way”.  I cried out to God to provide for me the 17 footer.

God didn’t answer my prayer!  I arrived at the U-Haul dealership and saw my 26 foot U-Haul with no 17 footer in sight.  “Thanks for answering my prayer God.”  The only consolation for me was the fact that they only charged me for a 17 foot truck, but as I drove off it did not ease my pain.

We got back to the house and began loading all of our things, when I stopped to thank the Lord for making me take the 26 foot truck, because I needed all 26 foot for my move.  We filled up every inch of the 26 foot truck.  God knew what I needed.

I sit in the hotel room tonight, thinking about how great God is.  I did not ask God to get me a 26 foot truck.  I wanted a 17 foot truck.  If I would have gotten what I wanted I would have been in serious trouble.  God saved me from a big mistake.  He always looks out for us.  I didn’t ask Him for the help but He gave it to me anyway and saved me money.  What an amazing God!

How often in life do we go our own way and do our own things, thinking we know what is best?  How many times do we get frustrated when things do not go our way, only to find that it all worked out in the end?  I have learned a big lesson in this move: all things work together for the good to them that love God!  God works everything out for our good.  I am still learning how to relax in God’s control.  Letting Him run my life is alot easier than having to make mistakes and do things over.

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