Moved In

We finally made it Rogers late Tuesday evening.  It was a rough trip in the U-Haul, it only broke down three times:)  In two days we counted 10 hours in the car waiting for the truck to be fixed.  That is 10 hours without driving, just sitting.  I will say, U-Haul was very gracious to us and gave us a good discount for the trouble.

As of yesterday, we have everything in the house and now we are busy unpacking.  I do not like this part of it.  Sonya is better at unpacking and I feel bad watching her do all the work.  So, I decided to help her:)  It is amazing how much is to be done when you move. 

We are also in unfamiliar land. Northwest Arkansas is beautiful to say the least but we still have a lot to learn about the area.  We still do not know where everything is.  We have managed to become regulars here at the Lowes, Wal-Mart, Braum’s (I love Braum’s), Chili’s (my all time favorite) and Taco Bell.  We haven’t had much time to sight see but we look forward to doing that when we get unpacked.

This has been an interesting experience for Hannah.  She is in a new house and has lots of new things to explore (get into).  I saw a garter snake in the shed and she looked at me and said, “Nake, it bite you!” A snake in the shed means we have an unusable shed:)

Josh is having a good time, the library is across the street. Need I say more!

Josh and I will be flying back Sunday evening to load up the rest of our stuff.  We will be in Nederland for a few more days.  Pray for our safe travel and strength for our family.

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