Daddy Fix It

While we have been in the process of moving in, I have been putting things together, hanging stuff up, fixing door knobs, setting up our appliances and more.  Hannah has been watching everything I do.  She watches me use the tools and fix the different things.  Tonight, as I was working on a door knob, she picked up the screw driver and said, “Daddy fix it!”  She has confidence that I can fix things.

In our lives there are often things that are broken.  Marriages, relationship with our kids, sickness, finances, emotional wounds, loneliness and much more  that is broken in our lives.  We go through the motions in our lives and put band-aids on our broken hearts and never seem to get them fixed.  But as Hannah would say, “Daddy fix it.”

We have a Daddy that can fix everything.  Our Heavenly Father is our source of strength.  He is our mender, our healer, our stronghold, our help.  He is the El-Shaddai; the All-Sufficient One.  Whatever is broken in your life, Daddy Will Fix It!

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