The Road To Rogers

We left this morning to carry our first load to Rogers, Arkansas where we will begin our new ministry this Sunday.  We decided to break the trip up into two parts so we were headed to Sherman, Texas to stay the night.  By the time we reached Woodville (70 miles from home) the truck died and took a while to get going again.  I talked with the UHAUL folks and they seemed to think it would be alright to drive.  We left Woodville and were making good time until we got to Longview.  It happened again! 

Now, we were in Longview only because I missed my exit and we were driving to another road to get back on track.  While we were driving, the truck died again.  I pulled into a shopping center and called UHAUL again and this time they dispatched a service truck.  It took a couple hours to get the service truck to us but now the truck is fixed (hopefully).  It was a minor problem…a disconnected spark plug wire.  We had only been running on 7 cylinders.  I noticed there wasn’t enough power for the truck but that was because something was unplugged.  The mechanic put the spark plug wire back on and things worked great.

In our spiritual lives we often go on, “not firing on all cylinders”.  We have access to spiritual power through the Holy Spirit but too many times we disconnect ourselves from Him.  We will lose power when we unplug from His power.  We need to get to the mechanic (prayer and the Word) to get us back in touch with the power source.  If you feel like you are not walking in full power, call on the Holy Spirit.  He will empower you.

2 thoughts on “The Road To Rogers

  1. Hi Danny and Sonya
    Nancy sent me your blog. I enjoyed reading your sermons, and your personal comments as well. Wayne and I will continue to pray for you as you begin anew in Rogers. Pray God will pour out His blessings and His anointing on you all. Thanks for sharing your devotions too. Please continue to share them.
    Love and Prayers

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