The Moving Sale

Can I be honest this morning?  I despise having garage sales.  They have never seemed to generate enough money to make it worth my while.  Some people seem to be good at having garage sales.  Most of the garage sales I have been to have been over-priced.  So over-priced you might as well buy it new. 

Sonya talked me into having one and I am glad we did.  Now, when we discussed it, I told let’s try to price cheap and go for getting more sales.  It worked!  In fact, one lady told me we were selling to cheap:)  We had most of the stuff sold within 2 hours. We shut it down at 11:00am and I gave the remaining stuff away to our last customer.  This is the first garage sale that we have had that we made decent money and yet did not have to haul a bunch of things to Good-Will. 

Thank God for Garage Sales and a willing party to take the left-overs.

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