Union With God

“We should be indeed purely, simply, and wholly at one with the Eternal Will of God, or altogether without will, so that created will should flow out into the eternal Will and be swallowed up and lost in it, so that the eternal Will alone should do and leave undone in us.  Religious exercises cannot do this, nor words, nor works, nor any creature or things, suffering them to be what they are, and enter into union with God.  Yet the outward things must be; and sleeping and walking, walking and standing still, speaking and being silent, must go on as long as we live…when God Himself swells in man; as we plainly see in the case of Christ.  Moreover, where there is this union, which is the outflow of the Divine light and dwells in its beams, there is no spiritual pride nor boldness of spirit, but unbounded humility and lowly broken heart; there is also an honest and blameless walk, justice, peace, contentment, and every virtue…Be well assured of this.”
-Johannes Eckhart (1260-1327)

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