There is nothing like packing to move that causes you to realize how fast time goes.  I had the “privilege” of packing Josh’s room.  Josh is a packrat.  He saves everything! 

As I was cleaning his room I was getting on to him for being a junk collector but the further I went, the more I reminisced.  Going through his school awards.  Looking at the crafts he has made.  Picture he has drawn.  Then I went to the closet.  When we moved to Nederland Josh was about 5’2″ and 110 pounds.  Now he is 5’10” and about 210 pounds.  I looked through the closet and saw all the clothes when Josh was little and wondered where has the time gone.

I sometimes wish we could go back in time and relive some of the moments.  I am now thinking about how I can slow down time to keep Josh young a little longer.  We cannot stop time but we can cherish the moments when our kids our growing up.  I am determined to make more memories with our family.  Something that we can always remember, no matter how old we get.

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