1 Sonic Is Open

I have been suffering major withdrawals for almost 10 days now.  It has been that long since I have had a Sonic Iced Tea.  Many people have addictions or a crutch, I do too.  I am addicted to Sonic Iced Tea.  Many would scoff at such an addiction, but for all the Starbuck’s addicts, at least Sonic has a happy hour. And while we are on the subject, their coffee is better and cheaper than starBUCKS. 

Back to the withdrawals.  Because of Hurricane Ike and the havoc it has wreaked on our communities, Sonic has been closed.  Not just the Nederland Sonic but all of the area Sonic’s.  Today, the Port Neches Sonic opened back up with a limited menu, but they did have Iced Tea.  Sonya was in Port Neches and noticed they were open so she surprised me with a Route 44 Iced Tea.  Oh the love this woman has for me!  What’s more, she even paid full price for the drink.  Now I truly know what love is.  I couldn’t ask for more in life.  Sonic Iced Tea and a beautiful wife, could life get any sweeter?

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