Good Things From Hurricane Ike

We have now been home 4 days without power and although it has been challenging there are some good things I have noticed about the after effects of Hurricane Ike. 

1.  Life has slowed down tremendously, so our family time has increased.  There are few places open.  We are spending more time at home together.  If we go anywhere, we all go together.  It has been a good bonding time.  When one of us is in the dark, we all are in the dark.  When one of us is hot, we are all hot.  We all sleep in the same room right now.  It has been fun!  How often, it seems that we, in America, have so much to do, that our families suffer from a lack of time together.  I have enjoyed these last few days together with Sonya and the kids.  We are all growing closer together.

2.  There are many wonderful people who live in this great nation of ours.  Many people do not get to see first hand the charitable and hard-working people who volunteer in our nation.  After a Hurricane, people flood our communities to help hand out groceries, ice and water.  They help clean up yards, roof houses, trim trees and lend a helping hand.  They do all of this without seeking anything in return.  This is what true love looks like.  This morning on our street there were several people going house to house, cleaning up the yards.  They were there to help even while the home owners are still evacuated.  The Baptist Men, Maps, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Convoy of Hope and many other organizations share the love of God through service during these times of hardship.

3.  Neighbors help neighbors after times of tragedy.  I have watched our neighborhood work together in many different ways.  In America we tend to live in our own little bubbles and do not interact much with our neighbors.  The foundation of Christianity is to love God and to love our neighbors.  Until the church returns to this principle we will never shape our nation.  It is interesting to me, how my neighbors, who are not all believers, help each other out while we in the church are too busy going to church, that we never interact with our fellow man.  We should endeavor to take time to interact and love our neighbors as ourselves.

4.  I never knew I could miss church so much.  I love church, but when I cannot go I miss it so much more.  Most of our church members are still out of town.  It feels kind of lonesome knowing they are gone.  We must learn to appreciate the church and attend regularly.  You never know how much you miss it until you can’t go.

There are many of our church members who are still gone.  We pray for your safe journey home.  All of Beaumont, Mid-County and Port Arthur are still out of power.  I would love to hear from you, email me at  Our phone service has been spotty, but you can try my cell phone.  Otherwise, email me. The emails go to my Blackberry (cell phone).  You can also comment on this blog by clicking the comment button below.  I would like to hear if you have damage or when you have returned or are planning to return home.  We love you guys.

We will meet Sunday morning at 10:30am at the Sanctuary Building.  This Sunday there will only be a morning service and no Sunday School.

2 thoughts on “Good Things From Hurricane Ike

  1. I’m a student here in southern indiana. I had to make a sculpture about 12 inches in height. I was inspired by hurricane Ike to create something that would somehow show that there is an underlying beauty after a hurricane. You explained it beautifully how neighbours work together to help each other. Families today are so busy working, running around, not spending much or any time together. We all live in our own little worlds and get sucked in by material things. When hurricane Ike hit you all, I felt bad for you all. We had the remaining winds come through Indiana about a week ago, we had 60 miles an hr winds, which I was already shocked by. Trees were broken everywhere across the streets, shingles off of houses. I couldnt even begin to picture a site in Texas effected by Ike. My thoughts are with you all! God Bless

  2. Thanks for thinking of us. In times of tragedy we often find the good in mankind. I believe sometimes, God allows these things to help turn our attention back to our roots. “All things work together for good”.

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