Now it is time to wait.  The first pictures are coming out about damage in our area.  Bridge City is under water, as well as Orange.  Nederland photos show some damage to Philpott motors and the Old Fellowship Baptist building on 27th.  Moderate wind damage to say the least.  There is nothing like seeing pictures of significantwind damage and then wondering about our own house and church.  Memories of Hurricane Rita are pretty fresh in my memory.  The  aftermath and clean-up from Rita reminds me of the blood, sweat and tears we had after we returned home.  There is an anxious feeling about what to expect when you get back.  You hope for the best but brace for the worst.

The worst part of the whole process is the feeling of displacement.  Although we are at our families house, we are still not at home.  We would go back to Houston to wait it out with my parents so we could be closer to home, but Houston is still reeling from the storm.  Not to mention, my parents had a tree limb fall through their roof and rain poured into one of the rooms.  Power in all of our communities will be off for at least a week.  We anxiously await the approval to come home.

I wonder what it was like for the Israelites to “wander” in the wilderness for 40 years with no place to call home.  We are going on a week and I am ready to find “home” again.  All in all, this is kind of a picture of the believer’s life on earth.  This earth is not our true home.  We are only pilgrims and sojourners going through a temporary land.  This life is temporary and we wait for a permanent home in Heaven.  A believer should at times feel displaced in this life, because we know that we have yet to find our true home.

One thought on “Displaced

  1. Pastor & Sister Pastor Cheney & family,

    Please know that your family and church are on our hearts and in our prayers. Our Sundayschool class have been dilligently praying for you and your church families. We are praying for a hedge of protection around your extended family and the congregation. We are praying that God will bring restoration to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and that God will lead and guide them through this hard time. We know not one of us are promised tomorrow and our hearts go out to you and the communities that have been affected. Please let us know if there are anything specific we can do or pray about. May God bless and keep you all well and safe and restore peace. May you hear His still small voice whisper Peace Be Still in your heart and may you stand back and watch Him move and know that He is God and is in all that you see. May you feel rested and may you receive the answers you are seeking for–even before you ask. We look forward to seeing you and your family again.
    Sincerly your Sister in Christ,
    –Michelle L. Tevebaugh (RFA)

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