I Scared

Last night, I was rocking Hannah to sleep.  It was a calm night, no storms or anything out of the ordinary but she looked me in the eyes and said, “Daddy, I scared.”  I asked, “what are you scared of?” and she looked over toward the cabinet.  I am still not sure what she was scared of but she somehow knew that whatever it was that I would protect her.  When she said those words to me, it instantly made me want to fix it or to calm her fears.

In life, there are times that we face frightening circumstances.  Maybe it is a devastating illness or a situation that you fear the outcome.  There is a Father in Heaven that hears your cries.  All you have to say is “Father, I’m scared.”  We can cry out to Him at any time and He wants to calm our fears.  In fact, the Bible records a couple hundred times the simple phrase, “Fear not”.  God said, “Fear not for I am with you.”  The Bible declares that He is Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord our banner, our protection.  He is the calm in our storm and we can take refuge under the shadow of His wings.

What are you afraid of?  He is there to take away your fear.

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