Here We Go Again

Hurricane predictions can unsettle your nerves weeks before it even hits.   Every weather report is different and they often give you the worse case scenario to make you scared enough to evacuate.  In a nutshell, TS Gustav is head somewhere to the Gulf Coast.  I have been watching the Hurricane Center reports every three hours to make sure we are out of its path.  I have been noticing that its path is inching its way west.  The predictions keep moving closer and closer to the Golden Triangle.  It is par for the course.  Any time I have vacation scheduled, we are waiting for a storm.  I need to start taking vacations in January, but then we would probably have an unprecedented blizzard in Southeast Texas:)  We will keep watching this.  If we must evacuate, we will not be having services Sunday to allow you to make your way out of town.  If you will miss my preaching, take a sermon cd to listen to while you drive:) (Just kidding!)

On another note: it has been a great conference here in Katy.  Larry Stockstill is calling for a remnant of pastors to stand firm and be men and women of God.  Yesterday dealt mostly with the baggage we have as pastors.  He also spent time talking about returning integrity to ministry.  In America, pastors should be examples of holiness not conforming to the world.  There was also a great session by Gary McIntosh about Resolving Unforgiveness in your life.  I took notes that I will share them at some later time.  It was powerful!

This morning, we will be talking about multiplication.  About building a biblical church.  It should be good.

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