The Flats of Life

At the Cheney household we have been working to get into better shape.  There is something about having a two year old later in life that let’s you know that you need to whip into shape.

We have been walking and jogging faithfully now for about a month. So we decided to dust off the bikes and start biking too.  My bike needed a new tube, so I replaced it and we went for a ride.  The next day we went out and the other tire was flat so I replaced that tube.  I was feeling good thinking it was like a brand new bike until Josh and Sonya went on a bike ride.  Josh comes home looking whipped because he had to walk the bike home.  He ran over something and the tire is flat again.  I just changed the tube and now it is flat again.

Life is often like that.  One minute we are pumped up and the next minute we are flat again.  The Christian life sometimes has it’s ups and downs.  We go through life and there are things that trip us up or deflate us.  In times like that, we have to learn to trust the Lord.  We have to lean on Him.  Disappointments come.  Sickness…financial hardships…marriage problems…wayward children.  All these things can cause us to get down.  We must stand strong and keep the faith, no matter what.  The Apostle Paul said, “Having done all to stand, stand therefore.”  Keep standing!

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