Who Are You Like?

I have noticed on many occasions that people who have been married a long time tend to look like one another.  I am not sure why that is but I sure feel sorry for Sonya when we get older:)

Sonya and I have been married almost 17 years and it is amazing how often we think alike.  There are times when I will be thinking something and she will say it.  Other times, we are trying to talk at the same time and I say exactly what she was going to say.  Because of our intimate relationship, we are beginning to be more like each other.  

These are good things, however, what if the one you are becoming like is not the right type of person?  Namely, someone who does not glorify God with their life.  The truth is, we become like those we spend most of our time with.  Good or bad!

Psalm 115 talks about the greatness of God and why we should serve Him and the Psalmist interjects a contrast.  He begins to compare our God with the lifeless idols Israel was making.  He describes the idols and then makes a statement, “Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.”  He is saying that we become like the things we worship.  If we worship the things of this world and build idols in our lives, we will be like them.  If we worship God and fill our lives with God things, we will be more like Him.

Who are you more like?  What idols might you have built up in your life that you need to remove?  Te truth is, the longer you run after other things, the more you will be like them and less like God.  I am challenged to look into my life and tear down idols.  I want to be like God not anything else.

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